We are classed as non-essential retail, and in line with Government requirements we closed earlier this month. We will reopen as soon as the Government gives us the go-ahead. Until then, please can we ask that you do not leave any donations for us outside shops. The weather, and unfortunately, thieves, means that such donations are often destroyed or stolen.

All our staff are furloughed to a greater or less extent, and if you leave donations for us, it adds extra stresses to the charity at a moment when we are concentrating everything we have to providing transport for people who really need it. We don’t have the staff or volunteers around to process them, and as the shops are not open, we do not have the space to store them. This is not just us – it applies to all of the charity shops. We are really grateful for donations when things are normal, but for now, please can you hang onto your donations until charities can reopen their doors.

Thank you!


SCAD | Skipton & Craven Action For Disability