Community Transport for everyone in need

We are here to provide safe, affordable and flexible transport for people in Skipton and Craven. SCAD is a 40 year old charity, so there are no profits, just experience and being here to help.

What sort of transport is available?

We use minibuses, which can currently carry a maximum of 6 people from different households to be COVID-19 secure (in ‘normal’ conditions, the larger buses can seat up to 14 people).

We offer as close as possible a door-to-door service, although this will depend on access. We are not able to enter your house to help you out – if you need this level of support, you should have a carer or other adult with you. But we will always do our best to help you get in and our of buses, including using the lift.

We can take you shopping, to medical or health appointments, or to other appointments such as hairdressers or barbers. The service is called ‘Dial a Ride’. We do not normally operate in evenings or at weekends.

Who can use our transport?

Anyone can use our transport.

In the past we operated a membership scheme to restrict transport to people with some form of physical or mental illness or condition which meant that they struggled to use other forms of transport.

We will provide transport for anyone who struggles to use other sorts of transport. There will always be transport for people who have to travel in wheelchairs or who have physical or mental illnesses, but people in the community who need transport for other reasons such as:

  • Needing to travel with large pushchairs,
  • Living in villages with limited or no bus service,
  • Living in town, but too far from a bus service,
  • Needing a door to door service

How do we get transport?

Call us on 01756 701005. All our transport has to be pre-booked and you have to be registered with us – this is a condition of our operating licence.

Registration is quick, easy and for Dial a Ride, free – all you have to do is call us. Once we have accepted the registration, you can book transport with our co-ordinator. Bookings can be taken between 9am and 12noon Monday – Friday.

How much? And how do I pay?

The co-ordinator will tell you what the charge will be when you book. The chart below will give you an idea, but if the journey you are looking for is not here, please contact us for an exact quote.

Our drivers will accept cash for your journey (on the journey out, if it is a return journey), but if you do not wish to pay by cash, an alternative can be arranged when you book the journey.

Can I book for someone else?

Yes, although the person who is travelling must be the person registered with us, not you.

Can you carry groups?

Yes we can. In ‘normal’ times, we specialise in group travel, usually care or residential homes or community organisations. We organise up to 80 day trips for our own members each year and provide transport for another 150+ day trips for other organisations. We can carry family or other groups out for days or to/from family or social occasions. Examples of journeys are taking groups with wheelchair users to/from airports; to weddings from care homes; to holiday destinations such as Blackpool for the week and then collecting to bring home.

SCAD | Skipton & Craven Action For Disability