Wheelchair Hire

We currently have a good supply of folding wheelchairs available to hire for visitors and to Skipton and Craven residents. Local hospitals, doctors and others all recommend us as the only charitable organisation in the area offering this community service to get you or your family and friends out and about more easily.

We have both large and small wheeled chairs, plus ones with left or right leg lifts where a leg has to remain elevated. Chairs can be hired by the day, or for a longer period – the longer the hire, the lower the price.

All our wheelchairs are regularly maintained and can be folded to get into the boot of a regular car.


Prices are by the day: £5 a day or £35 a week. If you need a long hire, such as for a broken leg or ankle, tell us and we can arrange hires for up to three months. There is a maximum cost for long term hire of £100.

Wheelchairs for Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales

Why not leave your own wheelchair at home when you come to visit Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales, and simply use ours.

To enquire about wheelchairs (booking is rarely necessary), simply email us now at info@scad.org.uk or call us on 01756 701005 during office hours Mon-Fri 9am-12pm.

SCAD | Skipton & Craven Action For Disability